CartPress Plugins

TCP Category Subdomains

TCP Category Subdomains plugin can converts post and WooCommerce product categories to sub-domains

TCP Credit Term Payment Gateway

Add option to pay using term credit in your WooCommerce store

TCP FPX Payment Gateway

Add option to pay using FPX payment gateway in your WooCommerce store

TCP User Registration for myBB

This plugin is used to register myBB forum user whenever user registered in WordPress

TCP Referrer Shortcode

TCP Referrer Shortcode used to display the referer link inside your blog post or product description

TCP Clean Coupons

TCP Clean Coupons is a plugin to clean up expired coupons from WooCommerce

TCP TeraWallet Topup Bonus

TeraWallet extension to give bonus credit when customers topup their wallet

TCP Cart Total Rounding

Round off Woocommerce Cart Total to nearest 5 cents

TCP Display Vendor

Display vendor name at WooCommerce product page, cart, checkout and order page

TCP Price by Role

Display different regular price for a product based on current user roles.
Stay tuned for more plugins in future